James Stevenson

James Stevenson - Chelsea / Gene Loves Jezebel / The International SwingersJames Stevenson got his first taste of playing guitar professionally when he joined  punk band Chelsea in March 1977 whilst still at school. While gigging only a few weeks  in England, this baptism of fire stood him in good stead for a lifelong career as a  guitarist. James has brought his distinctive rock n’ roll guitar sound to the rescue and  revival of many, including Billy Idol’s Generation X, The Cult, The Alarm and Gene  Loves Jezebel (becoming a permanent GLJ member and co-writer of hit songs such as  "Jealous"). In the 80’s - thanks to MTV - James was somewhat of a heart throb with his  wild guitar wielding on Kim Wilde’s "Kids In America" video which made the Gibson Les  Paul his trade mark.

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