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New Song: "Gun Control"

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And check out the 2 new songs added to the Audio page: "FBI" & "Live Wire."

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The International Swingers Shows: LA January 2014

The International Swingers: January 2014 Live Shows The International Swingers will play 2 shows in Los Angeles:

January 18, 2014
Farmers Market
6333 W. 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 933-92

19 January 19, 2014
Redballs Rock & Roll Pizza
13816 Princeton Avenue
Moorpark, CA 93021
(818) 348-1524

More News For 2013

Meanwhile in Los Angeles legendary DJ Rodney Bingenheimer of KROQcontinues to play Gun Control and FBI on his Sunday radio show. The songs have also been picked up by stations in Hawaii, San Francisco and Phoenix. Gun Control was recently logged as the 4th most viewed music video in Japan and FBI is played regularly by DJ George Williams on Tokyo's 76.1
  • Glen playing solo dates UK & US;
  • James on tour with The Cult
  • Clem on tour with Blondie
  • Gary, working on film music, has revealed that FBI is featured in the new movie, Homecoming, starring Jason Statham, due for release next summer.

The International Swingers London Show July 2013

The International Swingers: July 2013 Live Shows

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